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Firefly Video Launches A Targeted, Engagement-Only Video Ad Network
TechCrunch, May 2010

Another Web Ad That Wants to Eat Your Screen (With Your Permission)
MediaMemo, May 2010

Tribal Fusion Puts Video in Display Ad Space
AdWeek, May 2010

Firefly Combines Display Ad Reach With Video Effectiveness
NewTeeVee, May 2010

Tribal Readies Firefly Video Launch
MediaPost, May 2010

Brands embrace in-ad video format
NewMediaEdge, May 2010

Can digital video fix online display advertising?
EConsultancy Digital Marketers United, May 2010

The New Vertical Is Horizontal
OMMA Magazine, January 2010

Tribal Fusion calls for online pricing change
B&T, December 2009

2010 Survival Guide: Performance Marketers
OMMA Magazine, December 2009

Mobile Marketing Week. How to take Online Advertising mobile, November 2009

After The Fall : Four Key Trends For Media Managers
iMedia, November 2009

The Do's and Don'ts of Online Advertising, October 2009

Know your audience, drive your sales
iMedia, September 2009

Stop counting impressions, and start making them
iMedia, April 2009

Your BT campaign checklist
iMedia, August 2008

Creative campaigns from McDonald's, Nikon, and Brandenton Area CVB
DMNews, June 2008

Digital Ad Network Goes Tribal
TechWorld, June 2008

Australian Online Ads Go Tribal, June 2008

More Headaches for Portals
Ad News, June 2008

How 2 trends will improve online advertising
iMedia Connection, June 2008

Tribal Fusion Partners With Picnik
Mediapost, May 2008

Picnik Chooses Tribal Fusion for Integrated Ads
Mashable, April 2008

Experts-Exchange Partners with Exponential
Mediapost, April 2008

What Media Planners Think of Online Video Advertising, April 2008

Broadband Video Media Buyer Perceptions Studied, March 2008

Study: Consistent Performance Metrics Emerging For Online Video, March 2008

Rosy Future Predicted for Small Ad Networks, March 2008

Tribal Fusion's New East Coast Office Gets A Vice President
Mediapost, February 2008

Such a Deal: Sites for Bargain Hunters
Washington Post United States, January 2008

Goodby Uses Tribal Fusion For Branding, Scores 'Freakishly High' CTRs
Online Media Daily, December 2007

Coke 2.0: A real virtual push
Media Biz, December 2007

Semantics Will Be The Power Behind the Ads, November 2007

Exponentialís CEO Dilip DaSilva Predicts the Future, November 2007

What in the world should you charge for online ads?
San Francisco Chronicle, November 2007

The missing link in the behavioral equation
iMedia Connection, October 2007

Embrace the New, October 2007

BT's Last Mile: From Link to Landing Page, October 2007

Exponential Joins Ranks of In-Line Ad Networks, September 2007

Exponential Offers Advanced Targeting, September 2007

Exponential To Serve Contextual Ads On Tribal Fusion, August 2007

Exponential Ad Targeting, August 2007

Tribal Fusion Introduces Dynamic Ads, August 2007

Tribal Fusion's Dynamic Ads Offer Quick Customization and Targeting, August 2007

Tribal Fusion Automates Data-Driven Ad Creation, August 2007

Custom Targeting With Tribal Fusion Service, August 2007

Online Advertising: Whatís Left to Buy?, July 2007

The ugly truth about online video, July 2007

Raising the Value of Ad Serving
iMedia Connection, July 2007

Internet Bargains? How To Save When Shopping Online, July 2007 |, 3:44 – 4:08

TribalFusion Expands Video Network, June 2007

Roo, Tribal Fusion Partner For Contextual Video Ads, June 2007

Contextual Video Ads Becoming The New Black?, June 2007

Exponential Debuts Free Ad Server, June 2007

Expo9 ó another free ad server for online publishers, June 2007

Selling online ads the old-fashioned way, June 2007

Tribal Fusion Parent Exponential Introduces Free Ad Server, June 2007

Exponential Launches Free Ad Server, June 2007

Bluelight Special on Ad Serving, June 2007

Tribal Fusion Parent Buys, May 2007

Tribal Fusion launches ad network, sets up sales, account management team in India, October 2006

Tribal Offers Roadblock Alternative, October 2006

Tribal Fusion ranked #1 by Advertisers and Agencies in ad network survey, August 2006

Publishers rank Tribal Fusion as top ad network in survey, August 2006

Report: Use of Behavioral Targeting to Double, June 2006

Interview with Dilip DaSilva
iMedia Connection, April 2006

Advertising Networks Self-Analysis, February 2006

Ad Networks Crib Sheet, January 2006

Impressions & Icebergs, September 2005

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