The first business in the Exponential® family was Tribal Fusion® which was founded by Dilip DaSilva who is also the CEO. Bringing years of experience building ad-serving systems for Flycast Communications and Engage Media, Dilip built Tribal Fusion's® ad-serving solution to evolve with the demands of the online ad industry. The business originally launched with a self-service model, but quickly evolved into a robust platform for publishers and advertisers. FullTango® and LeadGenuity® were both launched in early 2006 to capitalize on the performance marketing space. Also in 2006, the Exponential® parent company brand was introduced to provide a corporate identity that solidifies our position as a leader in online marketing services and technology, while ensuring that customers have clear points of contact for their different online marketing needs.

In 2007, Exponential® introduced EchoTopic® - proprietary contextual technology that delivers in-text advertising campaigns on premium publisher sites across the Tribal Fusion ad network. The original Tribal Fusion® technology is still at the heart of the Exponential® business and is integral to the company's success today.

Launched in 2010, Firefly Video™ is an online video advertising platform that provides brand advertisers the ability to effectively complement their TV and pre-roll buys, easily, efficiently and with full brand safety. By leveraging the Tribal Fusion network, Firefly Video™ delivers the ability to reach and target within a worldwide online universe of 220 million people, enabling brand advertisers to connect with consumers who are most interested in their brand and engage with them by combining the impact of video with interactivity.

Launched in 2001, the company has been profitable since its first year in business. From five people at inception, the company now has more than 100 people in its Emeryville, California headquarters and in several other locations around the world.

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